Ready to be a Super Hero?

Child Proof Yourself

To be a parent is to be a Super Hero

Parents are expected to be Super Heroes and figure it all out in the process. 

To be a parent is the most challenging and rewarding job we've ever had, yet no one is preparing us to do a proper job!

Baby Proof Yourself means readiness to receive

Parenthood can be messy, Baby Proof Yourself and get ready to receive your bundle of joy as it comes -> Brutiful =Brutal + Beautiful!

Learn how to be the best of yourself in overwhelming situations that you don't even predict. Our future is unknown to us, but our mission is. We as the adults of today have the moral duty to help the next generation to be resilient and be able to re-invent themselves as many times as they need to. 

How to Baby Proof Yourself

We are leveraging Virtual Reality to address human centered problems like prevention of stress and anxiety in children, through immersive experiences that create awareness and triggers empathy in parents. We are re-programming the way we approach parenting. Our traditional model focuses on fixing what is broken early on- through things like self esteem coaching and therapy, etc. By using VR, we are able to flip this script, by training the parent how to emotionally, neurologically and bio-chemically relate to the needs of their children. 

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Child Proof Yourself

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Just like parenthood!